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AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger is an easy-to-use vehicle data acquisition device designed for racers and performance enthusiasts of all types who want dynamic, accurate data logging capability, but don’t want to take a second job to pay for it. Any racer or enthusiast with a data logger, whether they compete professionally or every free weekend they have, will tell you how valuable this recorded information is for optimizing vehicle power and dynamics. When you combine this recorded data with track mapping capability, this information can also help improve driver skill. When it comes to data loggers for most enthusiasts though, they have a few problems: many competitive data loggers are costly, they can be challenging to install, and you end up repeatedly dipping into your bank account to pay for software upgrades and supplementary components to unlock their full potential. Knowing this, AEM has developed the AQ1 Data Logger a feature-packed data logger that installs easily, can read live parameters from ancillary sensors, AEM net enabled devices, GPS and more, and put them into a single log to make it easy to view.


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AEM AQ-1 Data Logger

AEM AQ-1 Data Logger